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The cashback amount will be updated when you paste a product URL in the field above.
Cashback Withdraw
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What is cash back?
A part of the money spent on a transaction is refunded to the user's PayPal account as cash back (cashback). It's comparable to a discount, but you get it after you confirm your order rather than when you make the buy.
How does your cashback service work?

We use a direct product URL approach. This means that no sign-ups or coupon codes are required. You need to paste a product URL from Amazon and you will get the cashback amount in your PayPal account once the item is shipped from the retailer. The diagram below shows our process.

Find your product on Amazon and paste its URL into our Cashback Machine.
Shopping Website
Buy a product on the shopping website (Amazon).
Receive cashback in your PayPal when the purchase is shipped.
Can I track all of my products and my cashback history?
Yes. All of your purchases are being stored along with your PayPal e-mail. You will receive a one-time e-mail with information on how to access all of your purchase history and cashback amounts gained.
Why are you providing a cashback service?
We earn an incentive if you click to purchase a product after using our cashback machine tool.